Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Is Quality Landing Page for Adwords So Bad?

So I am not so sure this Quality Landing Page push by Google is such a bad thing after all. I mean it is going to force me to make my page confine to their restrictive guidelines for optimized pages for natual indexing. This means that my efforts for natural Search engine placement will just be stepped up. Thus this should save me lots of money on the long term and make the site more valuable too.

What I really think this means is that if Google keeps up their restrictive guidelines, then they will essentially go belly up. Their stock holders will not be happy with the (WAG) up to 50% reduction in quarterly revenues for the 3rd quarter this year.

I think it might be like having a nice relationship in college, you know the one. The one where you feel pretty good about the girl you are dating and feel the relationship is progressing at a nice rate and looking good for the future. Then suddenly she decides she wants to experience more in life and that does not include you. At first you are a little stunned and not really sure what you should do. After a while you begin to recover and even later you look back and go 'Thank God!' staying with her was not a good idea at all. I think we will appreciate Google deciding to give up their main revenue streams to help us get more money in the long run.

BTW, I really think this will totally open the door for MSN to move up the Search engine food chain.


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