Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Grey Wolf & Google

Well it is time for some hard numbers. Grey Wolf has posted some real stats on how the Google Quality Landing Page score has affected his efforts.

The funny thing I am noticing is that there are many, many ads still left that seem to have a limited to useless relation to the keyword being targeted, as well as user experience as talked about by Grey Wolf.

For example is the #3 position for 'Free Nokia Ringtones' as I write this and if you visit the landing page, it is no different that my ringtone site, Well other than the fact I have made a little more effort that this person and put an Adsense Ad on the page (only there to help you Google). Thankfully I do not live on ringtones.

Now this is another speculation on what is going on. Many Affiliate marketers own thousands of domains, which I suspect this to be one of those extra domains someone had. When you first put a site into the Adwords engine, you will get normal bid rates at least for a day or two! So I think the new thing people will start doing is buying domains for a few days and then dumping them to get around the outrageus pricingon Adwords. Just a thought....


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