Monday, August 01, 2005

Planning for the Future

So often I have read when starting a new business, service or product offering, just damn the torpedos and go. Often that is what I personally seem to do. Now as I am starting to become older and much more experienced in life (yet I know I have a long way to go), I am seriously second guessing this.

This weekend it was time to retire our first server from service. Over five years ago when we started Extreme Web Works, we bought a server to start out. A very expensive server at that. We wanted to make sure it could handle all the load we would be having from the thousands of new hosting customers we never really saw =>. Needless to say, we did not really know what to expect from the way we structured the server. We had everything on the one server, mail, dns, database, ftp and web. So we had a nice little eco-system that lived pretty harmoniously.

A few years ago we added a new server. This one is just a web server. As instances warranted, we migrated a few of the web sites over. So by this weekend we were left with less than a dozen sites on the old server. Unfortunately several are SharePoint sites and the first version. Also the new server houses several new version SharePoint sites. This migration requires us to migrate the database to a new server and the sharepoint sites to the web server. This has not been easy.

So as I spend several extra hours this weekend trying to move these sites I have to think about the damn the torpedos philosphy. I hear Amazon took their first orders on post it notes back in the day. Maybe so, but now whenever we build anything new I seem to think more several years into the future and making sure I have a good migration and upgrade path planned out. I think this is something that just makes more and more sense in the long run. It may take a little extra time to get things completed initially, but hey it may save you a weekend of frustration and money in the future.


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