Thursday, July 21, 2005

e-myth or Just the Right Thing?

Recently I have seen several references to the books from the e-myth group. In particular E-Myth Revisited. This book seem to hit me right between the eyes. I am currently somewhere in the middle, but as I read Saturday afternoon it was like he knew the five year history of my business. It seems I am not alone in the mystery called small business and entrepreneurship.

I think for me to have gotten the premise of this book I needed to go through what it preaches. So I have learned that there are three types of people (from a business point of view); the entrepreneur, the manager and the technician. Many small businesses start when the technician gets tired of working for the boss. That was me! They try to run the business from a pure task and craftmanship point of view and live in the now. Managers just live in the past and have pointy hair (no that is Dilbert's world). Entrepreneurs live in the future and innovate.

So I wont bore you with the details, the escape Gerber teaches about is thinking about your business, not as a job or services that produces something to sell, but rahter look at te business itself as the product. I have recently started realizing this about my business. I really need to start structuring it as if I were going to frnachise it thousands of times over, learn what works and what does not and why. Find metrics and measure, create and document repeatable patterns of success.

What this means to me so far is to complete some internal projects I had to put on hold. This will include initial web provisioning, accounting and trouble ticket implementation on our web site. Standardizing contracts, estimate and change order forms. This will become much easier with the plans for the new site. Finally hiring some help, Amanda you will be getting some things straight for me!

I do reccommend this book for most small business owners. I don't think all would benefit, only those who have been through the wars like I have for 5 years.


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