Thursday, July 21, 2005

Crunch Time

Do you ever notice how when you need clients to decide to go ahead with a project because you a readily available, they don't? And once one client decides to go ahead, the other stragglers follow?

Well that is my world this week. I started working on a rather invovled e-commerce project in early June. I had a few pre-scheduled items during June and everything was fine. I also had several projects I knew would happen eventually, just not when. Well all of those decided they needed to be done and done right now.

Needless to say I am in overload right now, trying not to explode or drop dead. I think it is important to get these things done, but get them done correctly with the least amount of mistakes. This requires full mental capacities. So I am doing my best to take time each day and spend with my wife, take some walks and go to the gym.

Time management is so important right now. So why am I writing this BLOG entry you say. Well I want to make this a part of my everyday routine. I am also giving a preseenation to a group of business professionals in the morning and I want them to see more than one entry!

I am real excited about each of these projects. They are all doing a good job of extending my base frameworks for several verticals and if you really know my business philosophy this is good.

So once these projects are launched, I am planning on going back and applying my upgrades to several older sites and refactoring my development framework to be optimized as best as possible.


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